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From its humble beginnings in the 1940s supplying sheepskins for boot linings, WalterReginald Group Ltd. has expanded into one of the market leaders in the leather industry. We trade finished skins internationally, working with tanneries across the world to supply a large range of natural and finished hides for interiors, upholstery, garments, accessories, handbags, footwear and costumes. Our leather is also used by theatrical costumiers, feature filmmakers and TV production companies. Leather is the passion of Natalie Saxony-Farbey and Bianca Nilsson, who run the business. Having been brought up surrounded by the touch, feel and smell of leather, their drive comes from a desire to educate their customers in the value and properties of the material. With a disdain for throwaway culture, Walter Reginald believein providing consumers with more sustainable choices for which leather is a staple. The company employs passionate leather experts, dedicated to servicing manufacturing companies throughout the world and supplying a wide variety of leathers for many applications. Located next to Heathrow Airport, we are a stone’s throw from many of London's manufacturers, enabling ease in the production process with the option to have your leathers shipped directly to factories. We have a vast knowledge of our products and can advise our customers on the best choice of leather for their individual projects. We specialise in the very latest fashion leathers, introducing new colours, effects and prints, all of which can be bought and viewed at our warehouse. We are always informed of new fashion trends and are constantly in touch with leading designers and retailers to discuss and evolve new products. We offer a next day shipping service on all phone and email orders and can ship directly to overseas manufacturers.

Company history


Walter Reginald dates back to 1948 when Walter Weiss started the company, specialising in sheepskins. As the business expanded, it became a key player in the UK leather industry, even introducing Japanese cow suede splits to the UK market in 1953. 

 Several decades later, the company came under the ownership of leather entrepreneur Raymond Farbey. In 1984, having been Managing Director at Alma Leather, Farbey had left to set up his own business, Formlet, which he grew alongside his closest friend, Malcolm Proops. Following international success, Formlet merged with Walter Reginald in 1988 to create the Walter Reginald Group Ltd., eventually buying out Walter Weiss in 1993 and opening up offices around the world.

 Over the decades, Walter Reginald Group Ltd. has evolved to offer the UK’s widest range of leathers. Working closely with designers and manufacturers, the company, now owned and run by Raymond’s wife and daughters, specialises in the finest leather finishes and developing bespoke and unique effects for their customers.