Education is key!

Education is key!

At Walter Reginald, we strongly believe in the Education of leather.

Whether you are a crafter who is thinking about dabbling in leather to make a bag or purse or a student studying a fashion degree or even working in the corporate world for a fashion or accessories company, if you have anything to do with leather, it's right you'll have questions.

➡️ Where does Leather come from?
➡️ How is it made?
➡️ Is it Ethical?

We love to educate our customers on the values and benefits of leather. Visiting university campuses, we present our collection of differnet finishes to the students and discuss the sustainability and application of the different leathers.

When a customer visits us for the first time, they're guaranteed to leave us with a lot more than a swatch or skin of leather. Armed with more knowledge than they arrived with, we love to inform our customers and answer all their questions.

Do you have a question for us? DM or email us and we'll be happy to answer!  Or for further information, check out our Leather Buying Guide.

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