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Welcome Back!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

It’s been an uncertain time for us all but things are starting to resume. Over the last few months we’ve all noticed how life has changed and of course, our business is no different.

We continue to stock a vast range of leathers, suede and exotic skins. We are still the sole supplier of the Mastrotto Express range but please bear in mind that some European tanneries are closed now until the end of August.

We are now open by appointment only as our warehouse hours are subject to change following the Coronavirus pandemic. This is to ensure against crowding in the warehouse for your protection and ours. You are encouraged to wear a mask whilst you’re with us but we understand your reasons for choosing not to do so. You’ll notice on arrival a sanitizing station and a sign-in sheet. We request everyone use these before entering.

We’ve been delighted to see our customers start to return as it’s always great to see you face to face but we continue to correspond via email, phone and socials to dispatch your swatches and parcels. If you can’t make it in, let us know if we can send something out to you.

It’s not been easy trying to navigate through the new paths as we try to get back what we once had but we are still here, supporting our customers and friends both with our great range of products and advice.

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