Conditions of Sale

1. Unless Buyer notifies Walter Reginald Group Ltd immediately in writing to the contrary, it shall be conclusively presumed that the Buyer accepts the entire contract as set out in this confirmation of order.

2. All leather is sold without warranty or conditions, expressed or implied.

3. Walter Reginald Group Ltd does not guarantee suitability of goods for any particular purpose and accept no responsibility for latent or other defects appearing after the goods have been further processed, nor for any damage arising in course of manufacture or otherwise from their use.

4. Whist every care is taken to ensure that only the best quality tanning materials are used, we cannot give any guarantee regarding fastness, or a perfect match of colour.

5. Discrepancies, loss or damage of goods must be notified within seven days after arrival at Consignee’s address.  No claims can be entertained unless we are notified in writing within the stipulated time, of any loss or damage.

6. Inspection of each shipment is recommended prior to Customs Clearance as in the event of any claim or rejection, we do not accept responsibility for Customs Duty or other charges incurred by the Buyers.  In case of rejection of any shipment, the goods are to be put at our disposal free on rail.

7. If a shipment is airfreighted at the request of the Buyer, the entire airfreight charges must be paid by the Buyer, even if the  shipment or any part thereof has been rejected by him.

8. Cancellation of order cannot be accepted without our agreement in writing for goods which have already been dyed or finished against firm orders.

9. Whilst every effort will be made to deliver within the time stipulated, reasonable extensions should be granted for delays due to unforeseen circumstances.  We reserve the right to suspend deliveries or cancel orders in the event of contingencies arising  beyond our control.

10. When prices are agreed on firm orders for delivery within a stipulated period, these prices may be adjusted by us for any undelivered portion of the order if shipment has been delayed through the failure of the Buyer to give colour instructions in time to complete delivery of the order  within the time specified.

11. All contracts shall be interpreted according to English Law and we do not consider ourselves bound by any terms of the Buyer which contradict any of our conditions, unless agreed by us in writing.

12. Failure by the Buyer to make payments according to terms as specified, or to give colour specification and/or shipping instructions, and/or to accept delivery at the time agreed, or to comply with the terms of this or any other contracts between the Buyer and Walter Reginald Group Ltd,  shall entitle Walter Reginald Group Ltd in addition to all other legal remedies, to cancel  any balances remaining undelivered under this or any  other contracts.

13. Prices are based on current exchange rates and may be adjusted proportionally in the event of any significant variation at time of shipment.

14. We accept no responsibility for weak parts in any kind of split leather, which may become apparent after the skins have been cut.

15. Any Claims concerning quality or selection must be made in writing to us within 14 days after delivery of each shipment.  Complaints which are received at a later date will only be considered at our discretion and we refuse to accept return or rejection of goods if not advised within 30 days of arrival in customs warehouse at port.

16. Each delivery shall be deemed in accordance with contract, if no claim has been made by the Buyer within the stipulated time, and unless the Buyer has identified the goods rejected and given specific reasons therefore, Seller shall have the right to require the return of the entire  shipment in original assortment and bundles.  No claim will be entertained in respect of goods, which have been cut or changed in any way.

17. Quantities shipped against firm colour specifications shall be within 10% more or less of those ordered.

18. When offers are based on a combination of more than one grade the proportions indicated are approximate estimates and not binding.  A tolerance of 10% in the proportions shipped shall be permissible without price adjustment.

19. A tolerance of 3% for shrinkage in the size of skins is permissible.

20. The Buyer agrees to pay any sales, duty or other tax which may hereafter be levied by his Government.

21. In the event of any restrictions, or controls being imposed in the country of export, which may delay or prevent fulfilment of this contract, Walter Reginald Group Ltd shall not be liable for any damages or compensation in respect of loss sustained by the Buyer resulting from such delay or  nonfulfilment.  Walter Reginald Group Ltd shall be entitled to increase the selling price by the amount of any export duty or levy, which may be  imposed by the Government in the country of export, after the date this contract has been confirmed, in respect of any undelivered portion  thereof.

22. The goods remain the property of and title is vested in the Seller at all times until full payment has been made whether or not the goods are under the Buyer’s control.

23. Interest will be charged on all balances overdue at 2% above market rate as applicable to currency invoiced for any period after due date.

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